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We strive to be valued partners for the General Contractors with whom we work, and everything we do is based upon our four cornerstones.


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We provide regular training to stay on top of industry best practices.


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Our Services

CHM Weatherguard offers a variety of services within the Division 7 specialty area for commercial construction projects.

Joint Sealants

Cold applied polyurethane or silicone sealants typically at exterior and interior building joints in masonry walls, precast panel joints, hollow metal door frame perimeters, and at joints between dissimilar exterior surfaces. Also, at site concrete paving expansion and saw cut control joints and at interior slab on grade saw cut control joints.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

Fluid applied, or sheet membrane systems covered with drainage mats including termination detailing at below grade elevator pit and garage/basement backfilled walls and slabs.

Deck Waterproofing

Cold fluid applied, or sheet membrane systems covered with protection board and drainage mats at split slab and pedestal paver conditions. Prices vary depending on warranty requirements and leak detection methods.

Air Barriers

Cold fluid applied, sheet membrane systems or building wrap systems at above grade exterior sheathing/CMU/CIP concrete backup cavity walls.  Prices vary depending on system thicknesses and UV exposure limits.

Rigid Building Insulation

Extruded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate rigid Styrofoam board insulation at above grade cavity wall conditions behind the chosen exterior finish veneer.

Thru Wall Flashing

Rubberized flexible flashing and/or sheet metal flashing at thru wall conditions at exterior above grade cavity wall conditions. Most commonly found at window and door heads/jambs/sills, shelf angles, and base of wall.  Pricing can vary greatly depending on materials specified in Division 4 or Division 7 and the architectural details for the project.

Bituminous Dampproofing

Crystalline/Cementitious Waterproofing

Cold fluid applied dampproofing at above grade exterior sheathing surfaces in cavity wall conditions.

Penetrating cementitious waterproofing coating used primarily at the negative (inside) surface of below grade wall construction. Either as a backup to positive/blind side membranes in place on the opposite side of the concrete wall/slab or as a solution when those surfaces can no longer be reached.

Traffic Coating

Cold fluid applied membranes at terrace/patio conditions. Slip resistant and permanently UV stable with multiple color options based on manufacturer color charts. Available in systems for pedestrian traffic (including pavers) all the way up to heavy duty vehicular traffic.

Water Repellents

Clear penetrating sealers applied at exterior masonry/concrete surfaces to prevent surface staining. Graffiti control systems also available.

Joint Firestopping

Firesafing and rated sealant at interior CMU partition head of wall to deck and control joint conditions. CHM Weatherguard does not pursue MEP penetration firestopping.

Expansion Joints

Exterior wall to wall expansion joint assemblies.  Typically, a silicone faced compression seal, or a mechanical system measured on site and purchased from a manufacturer’s warehouse and delivered to the job site.  CHM Weatherguard does not pursue interior wall/floor/ceiling expansion joints on bid day typically but can provide this service upon further discussion with general contractors regarding lead times and project schedules.


Intumescent fireproofing are light film coatings designed for exposed applications where appearance is of primary importance. This fireproofing comes in solvent and water-based formulations and provides up to a three-hour rating on beams and columns.
These coatings can be used for interior and exterior fireproofing applications, providing the owner and architect with an aesthetically pleasing way to fireproof structural steel. The product can be top coated with a tinted coating to match almost any desired color.

Cementitious Fireproofing

Made from a mixture of cement or gypsum, plus other materials like sand that act as an aggregate, cementitious fireproofing products offer strength and durability reminiscent of concrete while being light enough to spray into place. Installed in several layers, cementitious fireproofing provides an extremely heat-resistant coating to beams, columns and other structural steel elements.

Sprayed Fiber Fireproofing

Made from mineral wool or fiberglass fibers combined with materials like sand, perlite, or vermiculite, plus a cement or gypsum binder, sprayed fiber fireproofing offers excellent protection for steel beams, steel columns, structural concrete, wall surfaces, and more. It is lighter than cementitious products while providing similar performance.

Spray Insulation

Spray insulation is used to increase acoustical and thermal performance in building structures.

CHM Weatherguard can help our clients with the services above as well as many others. We have hundreds of years of combined experience in all areas of Division 7. Let us know how we can help make your project a success!

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